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college update #1

August 11, 2023

Happy First Week !


It’s been a lot of moving around, getting used to my classes, and making new friends…slowly but surely I am  getting the hang of it.


Move in day was dually fun yet very stressful. I'm on the second floor, which is the main floor, and even now, I’m still finding things I need for the dorm and things my roommate and I want to make it look pretty and organized.


My roommate, Natalia, and I are getting along really well. We haven’t had to lay any rules or have any arguments, we just live and do well with each other. We get along with our suite mates and hang in each others rooms when we feel like it. Majority of my friends I have from home or knew before coming here are on the third floor so I’m there a lot hanging in their rooms.




We’ve had serious rain and storms and as a result I have experienced two power outages since moving in. (Fun fact: I love rainy and stormy weather!)  The first one was August 6th (the day before school) and due to the power outage the university wasn’t able to complete registration for all students, so classes were canceled for the first day, August 7th. This moved my first day  of classes to Tuesday, August 8th.


and then...

On August 9th, we had our second power outage so I spent the first hour doing chemistry notes in my room with my roommate and the other hour doing biology notes in my friend Lauryn’s room. (Side Note: Lauryn and I have known each other since we were babies!)

The food isn’t half bad. I’ve been eating all the vegan food or from the salad bar because there isn’t a line for it and I am not pressed for vegetarian food. Surprisingly, I’ve been eating either breakfast, lunch, or dinner mainly because everybody hangs in the cafe center but since the market opened up, I’ll be fine dining over there.

Not much has happened on my social scene since the end of welcome week and I am ok with that. With me being a biology major and in the words of my grandmother, who I affectionately call Nama, I need to be sure “to focus handle my business!”

This photo is of my cousin Karly and I at the 2000 themed event the University hosted for us! 


All in all, my first week at college has been an incredible journey of new experiences and personal growth. From navigating the bustling campus to forging connections with fellow students and professors, each day has been filled with excitement, learning, extremely hot days and lots of rain! I am truly grateful for the opportunities that this week has brought, and I am eager to continue immersing myself in the diverse range of courses and activities that await me.


As I reflect on this transformative beginning, I am reminded of the boundless potential that lies ahead and the remarkable memories yet to be created. With a positive mindset and a strong determination, I am ready to embrace the challenges and triumphs that the rest of my college journey will undoubtedly bring. Thank you for your unwavering support, and I look forward to sharing more about my adventures in the weeks to come.


PS: No pressure at all! It's just some have asked! Here is my cash tag and QR code for my cash-app: 

cashapp logo_edited.png


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