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You are invited to a baby shower for

Eleese Rawlins & Calvin Morton


july 2, 2023 @ 2:00pm


3311 Bob Wallace Ave SW

Suite 101A

Huntsville, AL 35805

Questions? We have fully passed the baton to our planner Shayla-René! Please direct all questions to her via 301-752-9883 or

*** This is an ADULT ONLY event.***

** No children permitted.**


Mom & dad to be.

"Hey Siri, play Work, Work, Work, Work by Rihanna" Simply because that's where you can find Mom and Dad 10-12 hours a day during the week.

In the name of work:life balance, serene and composed pretty sum Mom & Dad up! Calvin is cool calm and collected where Eleese is really sweet and fun. These jet setter parents can be found traveling anywhere across the nation and tropical shores. For fun, you can find them dancing, hanging out the movies, karaoke, people watching and simply enjoying each others company.

They are really looking forward to welcoming Baby Morton later this year. When it comes to the shower, they are most excited about seeing family, friends and the overall support from their village. 


*** This is an ADULT ONLY event.***

** No children permitted.**


The parents to be kindly request for their guest to wear shades of tan, nude or white to the shower!

* No athletic apparel

*No sweat pants

*No clothes w/ rips or holes


For our out of town guest, below are some hotel options to consider. Everything in Huntsville is 10-15min away. If you are flying and do not necessarily want to rent a car, both Lyft and Uber are available as well.

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gift registry.


There is a registry set up with Amazon Baby and Target! Click or tap the icon and you will be redirected to the corresponding registry.

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