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The Portfolio: Introducing You to Our Creative Director, Shayla-Rene Little

Hi there! I am so glad you took time to stop by our little space on the web. It really does mean much. My name is Shayla-Rene and I am the owner + creative mind behind Sonju Weddings + Events. I am one who believes that God has created each of us in a unique way. He has instilled in each of us gifts and talents for us to use in a mighty way to build up His kingdom. We have to simply have faith, trust the process and know that “all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28. I believe in having a clear vision. Elegance + opulence are key.

I know you are probably wondering, your name is Shayla-Rene, however your company is Sonju. The testimony behind the name of the brand is another story all within itself, one that I will share later, besides, what’s in a name?

Now, I will share this. I once had a dance studio prior going into the wedding industry. After God closing that chapter of my entrepreneurial career, I prayed + said, “ Lord, I know that this is it for now, in your time you will reveal to me how to carry out your plan that I you have for me as so beautifully scripted in Joshua 29:11. When it is time, I ask that you give me a new name, one that is reflective of my faith + trust in you, one that speaks to the very core of my being. You know, just as you did for Abraham + Sarah in Genesis 17:5.”

After years of praying circles + diligently working to figure it out, the Lord, in His divine wisdom slowly but surely assured me that weddings + events, planning + styling was definitely my niche during the production of C + N 2015. It was then He showed me the new name for me + my brand, that name being, Sonju.

Regardless of what phase you are in, be it planning a special day or developing a life plan, be sure to play up your passion. We can get so caught up in chasing success, in that we lose the faith + focus of what really matters. The Bible serves as the blueprint for our very being. With it, obedience + a little faith, we have all the success we need to live a life of purpose according to HIS word.

How are you playing up your passion? Share below + let's keep in touch!

From Me, To You

I Am,


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