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Something Green: Incorporating 2017 Color Trends into Your Special Day

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Ring: Lauren Priori Jewelry | Photo: Lauren Schwarz Photography

So here you have it. It is 2017, you’ve completed your course work for your graduate degree + alas, you can now focus on finalizing the deets for the special day that will symbolize the start of your lifetime love story. You initiated the planning process immediately after your love’s swooning proposal approximately 2 years ago. You’ve selected your color palette, both of your dresses, his tux + even your bridesmaid gowns.

You have booked your venue for both your ceremony + your reception. Guess what, you even have given your florals some thought + have determined that you want to definitely incorporate your all time favorite, the peony.

You’ve discovered, there is just something missing. You are not quite able to put your finger on it. This is totally fine as you were so inundated with your studies, you lost track of the trends. This is where you breath, our Creative Director wrote this post just for you! Remember, you are a visionary. For you elegance + opulence are key. You’ve got this!

Pantone’s color of the year for 2017 is greenery, which is symbolic of new beginnings. This color will reconnect you with nature, those near + dear to your heart + to an overall larger purpose. Allowing you to curate your own natural oasis, while you reflect on your current accomplishments + those to come.

If you wedding will be held in the DC Metro Area, I would love to connect you with Garrette over at Brightly Ever After. Why? Simply because they have an ah-mazing story as well as a customizable 8’ x 8 ‘ greenery wall for hire. It would serve lovely as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony or even for your cocktail hour lounge set up.

To green or not to green? I would love to hear in the comments below + let’s keep in touch!

From Me, To You



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