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Now I know there can be skepticism with the whole on-line dating idea. I must admit myself, time and time again, i've been told to try it and my consistent response, "I'm good!"

The catch twenty-two is that one of the amazing things I eat up about marriage is the unique love story behind each couple .that each couple has that unique story of how they met, courted and made their way to wedded bliss. On this Valentine's Day I thought it was deemed appropriate to feature one of our Spring 2019 couples Josh + Mekdes. There love story is definitely a unique one, one that never gets old, one that I fall in love with time and time again!

The story according to Josh + Mek:

It started with a simple message. Mekdes started following Joshua on Instagram in 2014 after discovering @streetetiquette on her explore page. Can we pause for a second so that I can tell you that I simply love the organics behind the initiation of the conversation, don't you?!

August 29, 2014 Josh + Mek met a the Black Weirdo party in Capitol Hill and after 9 long months of engaging in a long distance relationship, Mekdes moved from Seattle, Washington and made her new home in NYC.

The day after their 3 year anniversary, Josh popped the question in Seattle, WA. Now how sweet is that!

So you know this totally contradicts skepticism, right?! Josh + Mek started on the gram and now they are in the last few months of staging + planning their wedding all the while gearing up for their marriage of a lifetime.

After 4 years of building memories, they are preparing to close out their courting chapter and embark on their newest chapter of true love, undying devotion, a steadfast presence of each other and loving in the secret places of each others heart...showing it in quiet ways.

Josh + Mek, I personally thank you again for choosing Sonju Weddings + Events. Stories such as yours remind me time and time again I why have a love and passion for providing comprehensive wedding planning services for engaged couples. Looking forward to May 2019, its going to be nothing short of amazing. Until then...

From Me, To You



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