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Keep Calm,You Are Having A Wedding!

The current situation is that we are in the middle of a global pandemic. Beyond that, you or someone very dear to you is planning their upcoming wedding. The CDC has recommended cancellation of all weddings until May 15, 2020. However, let’s not view it as a cancelation, better yet a postponement.

Hear me out.

My aim is to minimize the damage and optimize your wedding. With COVID19 among us, there is a possibility that you will need to re-set. While not a predictor of the future, for what it’s worth, I want to offer my advice, a positive spin and most importantly encouragement during this time.

I do believe that this too, shall pass. In the meantime here are a few options to consider as a potential game plan for making a shift:

  1. Justice of the Peace | All though the recommendation from the CDC is is not canceled. For the sake of the bride, groom + your love for one another, a trip to your local courthouse could potentially be an option + after everything settles down, move forward with the big celebration, later on down the road.

  2. Deferring the Celebration | Because of #1, postponing will allow love to conquer and for you both to still have the time of your lives with your family + loved ones on your best day ever.

  3. Scale Down | Streamlining could be an option, however this may be at the cost of forfeiting your vision and desires for your special day. There is a possibility that the majority of your guests are traveling from out of town and may not be able to attend due to travel restrictions or due to the date change this may also change the availability of some of your guests to attend. If this is the case, elopement may be an option or simply reducing your guest list based on their updated RSVP due to postponement.

  4. Weigh the Cost | If you are not working with a coordinator, review all vendor contracts and schedule a call with each to see what your options are in the event that you have to postpone. If your wedding is later on this year and you haven’t looked into wedding insurance just yet, now would also be a good time to do so.

  5. Don’t Get Pulled into the News | Be sure to follow the CDC as well as keep up with the local government pages for the state of which you are having your wedding.

I am a firm believer of the ole’ saying “all things come to an end.” So that my friend stands true for even this current situation. If you are an engaged couple, it is my prayer that you are working with a coordinator who is committed to mitigating and assisting with preparing so that you can emerge victorious from this appearing to be apocalypse. If you are not. This can be a bit much to navigate alone or without guidance. Schedule your consultation here.


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